Want to have a great Job, in a great company, surrounded by great people? We attract and develop top talents.

If a career in consultancy appeals to you, why not join a team that rewards hard work and is committed to personal growth.

  • Great job in a challenging environment. Our consultants enjoy their work because they deal with a wide variety of subjects, in various industries, international and innovative contexts. They love being intellectually stimulated and they appreciate every learning opportunity. Our consultants embrace the responsibility to support our customers shaping their future. A results oriented culture will encourage you to exceed your expectations.

  • Great company. Our clients’ satisfaction is our most valuable reward and they consider ourselves as peers. They appreciate our commitment and the quality of our deliverables, the variety and the value of our consultants’ experience and the way we build solutions together and think out of the box. Our company is small enough to foster a sense of community, with a real proximity between people, from junior to partner. We have internal communities holding regular sessions to benefit from each other’s experience. We are here to accomplish a great job in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

  • Great people. We are above all a group of open minded and enthusiastic people who cultivate a spirit of cooperation and reciprocity. With around ten nationalities, with varied cultures, knowledges, skills and experiences, our diversity is a source of wealth and we value working together.

  • Follow a pathway to excellence. We offer a mentoring scheme to help you progress in your chosen career.

  • An ambitious business plan. A spirit of enterprise is central to the Colombus Consulting Blue’s model and we want every employee to feel able to express their entrepreneurial flair.
  • Learn from our wide-ranging areas of activity. You will work in many different sectors, giving you the opportunity to take new methodologies on board.



At least, two Partners are involved in the recruitment process. The process includes three steps :

  1. A presentation session: review of the candidate’s CV, presentation of Colombus Consulting Blue and its activities, focus on appropriateness of the applicant’s personality to the company (soft skills).
  2. A review of competencies session (hard skills) and validation of work experience.
  3. Finally a third session of 4 hours with a case study: evaluation of analytical skills, ability to synthesize and presentation skills.

Strong analytical skills, confirmed profiles, non-specialized profiles with a speciality, multi-sector profiles are preferred.
Multilingual candidates (English, French, German) and the ability and willingness to work in an international environment are also considered as a key criterion.



We hire great people. Their enthusiasm, talent and commitment to excellence builds on our success.

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